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fido_one's Journal

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I've been on and off livejournal for about a year (mostly off) and before now I had a quick paragraph in this space about me being new and saying that I would eventually put some actual Bio stuff on my info page.

But here is the rub: I just got out of the shower. Whilest in the shower I was thinking, WTF am I supposed to put on my info page? I got all fidgety about the whole info page gig in general - shouldn't the journal entries speak for themselves? Don't they mean something? Do we have to live in a world where everything is divided into bite-size chunks for quick digestion? "Oh, I don't know this bloke, but I'll read his info page and then I'll decide if I should get to know him or not. Who cares what he says on a daily basis in his journal. Who cares about his inspirations, about his fears and about the things he loves - no I want a quick fix - I want a summary, and if it doesn't tickle my fancy I will move on."

So I said 'well fuck those people I don't need them! I don't need anyone!' and I stomped around in the shower in an angry rage, all sudsy with soap. But then I used this awesome shampoo from Herbal Essences that smelled like roses and cinnamon and I thought ‘I smell like roses and cinnamon when I’m naked – how cool is that?’ I wanted to tell someone – no, I needed to tell someone - and a journal entry that got buried under hundreds of daily thoughts and rants wasn’t going to do it. So I am using this, the hallowed information page, to tell you that when I am in the buff and covered in bubbles I smell like roses and cinnamon. I ask you to remember that when your mouse hovers over the ‘add to friends list’ button.